History in motion since 1969

Since 1969, SEW-EURODRIVE UK has been on the map at Normanton, England, a proud part of the global force that makes up the SEW-EURODRIVE group worldwide.

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  • 1969



    Where it all began

    Originally SEW-EURODRIVE was housed in an abandoned police station in the small village of Normanton in West Yorkshire. Former jail cells were even used as storage areas for the products.

    1969 Birds Eye View
    SEW image

    But soon, a more suitable facility was needed and a new assembly plant was built in Normanton, which began its operation in september 1970.

    SEW-EURODRIVE UK - former Police Station
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  • 1970

    Normanton 1970


    Opening of the 1970's SEW-EURODRIVE Assembly Plant in the UK

    The SEW-EURODRIVE assembly plant at Normanton, West Yorkshire was inaugurated in 1970. At the time the building was considered to be a generous 1400m².

    Grand Opening
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    Ernst Blickle opening the new assembly plant
    Ernst Blickle opening the new assembly plant

    Back in 1970, the region surrounding the assembly plant was still dominated by the coal-mining industry that employed the majority of the population. This was long before the highway system was built in the region. Due to easy access to all parts of the country, the plant is now in a very central location. Almost all of the mines are now closed, while new factories and distribution centres are opened nearly every month. The closeness to Leeds, England's second most important finance centre after London, attracts many large companies, which stimulate the regional economy. SEW has also undergone many changes. Back then, the number of employees was still manageable, and the weekly production amounted to 20-30 units.

  • 1980

    1980 Building Expansion


    Expansion of the 1970's building

    New demands for perfect customer service and shorter delivery times were the reason behind the expansion of the plant on the 1st of September 1980 - when the existing area was almost doubled to 3800m².

    Ample space was provided for component storage and substantially increased production capacity to cater for the increased turnover expectations on the UK market.

  • 1986



    Phase 3 Extension

    In September 1986, phase 3 of the factory extension was completed, increasing the capacity of the facility by 100 percent. The reconstructed total area now measured 7000m², housing 140 employees, some of which have been there from the start.

  • 1997



    Relocation of the Midlands office

    In august 1997 our regional office which serves the midlands region was transferred to new larger premises which included an electronics training facility.

  • 2011



    Opening of our new sales and service centre in the south of England

    SEW-EURODRIVE invested in a new sales and service centre to support our customers in the south of England and Wales. From a central base in Silchester, near Reading, SEW will be able to support customers on new sales enquiries and orders along with comprehensive service and repair work either in-house or on customer premises.

    A fully equipped workshop and dedicated service technicians can service and repair all makes of gearbox with ease incorporating SEW’s core values of quality products, fast response and quick delivery times.

  • 2013

    Normanton Assembly Plant


    SEW-EURODRIVE UK unveils its new assembly plant in Normanton

    In June 2013 we moved into our new home still in the town of Normanton. Based on a 10 acre site and with a total area of 10,000sqm the new purpose built facility offers everything needed to be able to service the increasing demands of our UK customers.

    Increased production facilities now mean SEW-EURODRIVE can deliver in excess of 1500 geared motors per week with current manning levels. The new 20 tonne lifting capacity, 8m hook height cranes and 4m wide roller shutter doors means that even the largest of gearboxes can be handled with ease in the new 1800sqm service bay. Also in the new service bay is a 320 tonne press capable of handling upto 2.5m diameters, m/c shop, 20 tonne test bed and 250amp test facility.

    The workshop area, which is now over 7500 sqm, still holds stock of over £2.5m worth of components ready for assembly 24/7 365 days per year. All product is assembled on modern state of the art assembly cells which have replaced the production lines of the old facility. These modern assembly cells mean that process times are optimised and efficiencies are maximised to ensure a minimum of downtime and waste.

    As well as the mechanical workshop there’s also a 500sqm Electronics workshop and assembly area which allows programming, repair and assembly of SEW-EURODRIVE's current range of Inverters, Servos and Multi Axis controllers. A very important feature of the new factory is the Customer Zone, a 500sqm area dedicated to all things customers including 2 meeting rooms, 2 training rooms, reception area and a large permanent exhibition area housing the very latest working demonstration units and product models to allow customers to fully interact with and learn about our latest high tech products and solutions.

    And finally its not all about whats inside the building but also about the building itself. The new self cooling naturally ventilated workshops and offices boast automatic sensor controlled lighting, roof mounted 50kVA photo voltaic cells to help provide electricity and solar panels to help with hot water as well as an air source heat pump for under floor heating. All of this helps make the new building a truly modern and eco friendly environment both inside and out.