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New IE3 motors are simple replacements for older IE2 range


SEW-EURODRIVE has launched a new range of IE3 motors that are the same frame size and simple replacements for its older range of IE2 motors. The new DRN range has been launched in readiness for January 2015 when new legislation requires that all new 2, 4, and 6-pole asynchronous motors sold in the EU, Switzerland and Turkey, with a power rating of between 7.5kW and 375kW, must meet the requirements of energy efficiency class IE3.

IE3 Motors replaces the old  IE2 range
IE3 Motors replaces the old IE2 range

To make the requirements of the new legislation as simple to meet as possible, for users and OEMs alike, SEW-EURODRIVE's new range of DRN IE3 motors have virtually the same dimensions as the older DRE range and are available at the same price. The weight and dimensions of the new motors have changed only marginally compared to the older product.

SEW-EURODRIVE has made no compromise to the unique modular concept of the new IE3 motors meaning that the entire brake portfolio, built-in encoders, and all known features are available with the new range.

The new DRN IE3 motors conform with all worldwide design specifications and standards, including, IEC 60034, NEMA MG1, CSA C22.2, ABNT, NCh 3086, and China (GB 18613). They also meet worldwide efficiency regulations or standards, such as, VO 640/2009, MEPS 2006, GB 18613-2012, DoE 10 CFR Part 431 (NEMA MG1), EER2010 (CSA C390-10), and others.